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Welcome to REPS Movement

Your local movement, exercise and functional rehabilitation centre

REPS Movement promotes healthy lifestyle and wellbeing through individual exercise prescriptions and injury rehabilitation programs.


REPS Movement accredited Exercise Physiologists will work with you through tailored exercise programs to ensure that all your mobility, strength and fitness goals are achieved.


REPS Movement can help with:


Diabetes Management Exercise Programmes (Medicare referrals)

Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA referral form)

Chronic Disease Management (Medicare referrals)

Strengh For Life (formerly Living Longer Living Stronger)

(Strength For Life referral form)

Motor Vehicle accident injuries

Chronic Pain and Musculoskeletal Injury Rehabilitation

Work injuries and Workers compensation programmes

Exercise for seniors

Post Surgery Rehabilitation


Personalised Training



REPS Movement has a wide variety of services on offer. Visit our Services page to find out more.


We provide a unique environment with excellent facilities, qualified support and guidance to promote fitness and wellbeing.


At REPS movement we are committed to assisting people through rehabilitation and exercise prescription to achieve their optimum health.





 The Murray Richards Family Trust

ABN: 51288613520


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